May 2012 be @ least as sucky as this year was, if not better!
What a stupid way to start this...lol I'm a dumbass; y'all know that.

I wish you all exacly what I want for myself... Stay healthy if not healthier, work hard if not harder and be nice if not nicer. It's been a tough year with its ups and downs but hell, that's just the way life is right ?

Thank you all who are checkin out dWRENCHED.com , the ones who subscribed and/or hit that little ''like'' button on the top right area. Huge thanks to Pupuslinger,Ron and other guys for takin' one or two minutes out of their lifes to post comments here'n there, really appreciate it guys!All of these are your ways of telling me ''dude, I dig your shit aka your work!'' and for all that I thank you all, FUCKERS!Thanks for the support of my partners in crime too; Flying Piston, E-FAB, 3-2 CHOPPSWRECKED METALS & GIPSY. Really special and cool motherfuckers in my agenda.

Have fun amigos, drink responsibly (or not) and do your best @ going on your own, dWRENCHED, freakin way. 

Hallelujah people! lol 

PS: Don't think too much where you'll end up in the end. Cause it might be ...MAGICAL! lol


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