Making your car's booty slide right'n left up'n down is called drifting. It's more of and art rather then a sport. It all began in Japan's high mountains, where the gear head kids used to have fun sliding errrr....sorry, drifting as they were coming down on paths and fishy roads. Away from the city's crowds and...police. There are a few big car categories: muscles, tuners, exotics and classics.  Soon this phenomenon called Drifting began spreading all around the world. I like to think that America has Dragsters and Japs and Europe have tuners. Well, it's not an exact science. In Romania, drifting began as an outlaw manifesto, in the hood. As the Tuning spread and marched into mainstream, Drifting also evolved as a serious business here too. Along side with the drifting stage, expo tuning and car audio took place. Yesterday the cars were introduced to the public. Today the warm-up took place. Tomorrow,  competition time. Over 30 drifters are bringing joy, shit load of noise and a lot of burned rubber on romanian soil. Burn baby burn !


















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