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 The idea of this interview came to me somewhat in a strange way. I was feeling like a BOSS since I've decided to support the upcoming awesome Kustom Kulture movie ''Flake and Flames'' made by Dirk Behlau and Jesper Bram. I even get in contact with Dirk. But only after my girlfriend suggested me that I should interview Dirk, my brain popped out candys ! Or something like that... :

dW:  Please introduce yourself for our readers.
Dirk Behlau :  My name is Dirk Behlau aka The Pixeleye and work as a Designer, Filmmaker and Photographer for international clients and magazines.

dW:  You are one of the most talented photographers at the moment. Just a fact, no butt kissing. Any special training, schools or you're just weird and skilled ?
DB:  Just weird haha. I never attended any school classes, trainings or anything like that. I have a strong design background and just started to shoot what I love. It's all about love and passion.

dW:  Can you remember your first comissioned project? What was it? When?
DB:  Before I started shooting Rock'n'Roll lifestyle I did a lot of interior design, hotels and stuff… I did also photographic work for the companies I worked so that was around 15 years ago.

dW:  What do you do exactly, photography, movies... Everything and nothing?
DB:  All and nothing. I never limited myself to a special topic, scene or field to work in. I did al lot of different stuff. It's a big mix of all kinds of stuff - just check out my website at www.pixeleye.de

dW:  Are you your own boss? Is this your primary source of income and/or full time job ?
DBYes I'm my own boss for 8 years now and yes this is what I do - I'm kind of an artist so if you decided to live like that you do it 100% or you are not.

dW:  Skills or high tech, what matters most in your opinion? I'll go with skills but nobody cares about what I say anyway. Do you have Batman like equipment?
DB:  I have two good Canon cameras, some lenses and my iPhone. The question is more: Tech or Feeling. And without feeling everything is boring.

dW:  I remember seeing your work for the first time years ago. It was a project for Jesse James if I remember correctly. I know something about a book too.  HotRod Empire Inc... Since then I always checked out your shit. Am I allowed to say shit in an interview Dirk?
DB:  Yeah, as long we are not on american TV, that's no prob I think haha. What was the question?

Errrr...I forgot.

   Anyway, the latest work from The Pixeleye is the Kool Lifestyle Calendar 2013. It's all about Hot Rods, Kustom Kulture, Pin-Ups & Tattoos. Ready to preorder by the way...HERE.
   INKCARNATION is also one of the latests projects by The Pixeleye... You can check out his cool projects @ http://www.pixeleye.biz/

dW: Do you have a Top 5 or 10 best personal projects so far? Of course you do... but can you share it with us too?
DB:  Hmmmm… the two trips to Mexico with the Leningrad Cowbiys from Finland were very cool, also the moment when I released my first book Speed Kings in 2007 was a real highlight. My upcoming film project Flake & Flames is a huge adventure. There is so much going on all the time that it's quite hard to answer that properly.

dW: You're a german/europeean, right? But you dig choppers and hot rods... People look at us strangely, like we're a strange breed. And yes we are. When did the bug bite you?
DB:  Yes, I'm from Germany but I know a lot of people worldwide who are not from the US and are totally going crazy in the Kustom Kulture scene… I always loved cars. American cars as well since I was a kid. So this is something which is there all my life...

dW:  Your worst memory from your carreer so far? How about the funniest?
DB:  No idea. I always try out the best of everything what happens. The parties besides the whole circus with good friends are always lotsa fun.

dW:  I saw that you're colaborating with Thunderbike from Germany lately. What are your newest projects?
DB:  I work for Thunderbike since 5 years, I do most of their special shootings and just photographed the Paintless Custombike which won the AMD World Championship 2012 in Sturgis/USA.

dW:  Speaking of fresh bread...let's talk a bit about The Flake & Flames movie. When? Why? The trailers are preparing us for something RAD!
DB:  Yes, be prepared… we are still working on it. It's a lot of work and we are moving forward. Check our website at flakeandflames.com for updates!

By the way, in case you didn't noticed, dWRENCHED is supporting Flake and Flames. The trailer is posted on the upper right of the website. Play and enjoy the trailer. And get ready for the full film!  

dW:  Anything you might add or say in the end? 
DB:  Thanks a lot for your support George! Check out my Facebook stream at www.facebook.com/thepixeleye for daily updates! Everything is there! 

It's really an honor for me interviewing The Pixeleye. Besides the fact that he's hot (well, I mean he's the man of the moment) he's also a cool dude. And that's kinda rare these days.

The Pixeleye is fuckin cool ! Thanks so much DB !

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