Phat Choppers - Australia.

Toe Cutter.  I'm so happy beause I know that I will be always surprised. By what the chopper/custom bike scene can came up with.  The Toe Cutter is one of those creations that brings a smile to my face. Shaun Ruddy of Phat Chopps kinda hit the ball out of the park with this one. Jawa 494cc's engine. 23 inches on the front and 19 inches on the rear, Mitas Speedway wheels. Simply beautiful front suspension. No front brake. Chromed frame and engine. The parts that sets this custom appart were all done by Ruddy. Fenders, fuel tank, fuel cap, aluminium panels and spikes, handlebars with internal throttle. Grips, seat, controls, licence plate, air cleaner. My hat is off to you Mister Shaun. Devilish little...devil !


  1. Bestial! mi se pare mie sau e facut dintr-un motor de speedway?

  2. motorul folosit este un Jawa din 2009 iar proiectul per ansamblu aminteste de cursele de speedway :)

  3. great job!! beautiful bike!! hat artist!!


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