Eastern Fabrications LLC -US.
EFAB is owned by Lock Baker. It's a one man shop. Thanks to that (maybe) some strange and almost weird designs come out of EFAB. As a kid, he focused on drawing and painting. After a TIG welding program  later on he started Eastern Fabrications LLC. He focused on fine art and art history in college. Not so long before that he went from race bikes to motorcycles, thanks to his skills and passion.

Daddy Go Hard. His latest. This bike was built without much of a design plan he told me. Santee frame with the front half redone. Spartan Frameworks beautiful girder. The sheet fab was done from back to front, the opposite of the usual.  ''I think that is part of why it has the unique look.'' . The curvey lines of the bodywork are shattered by ''the magic stick'' . Pointy gas tank and smooth beautiful lines. The engine is a 96inches S&S Evo. Modified. Ported heads, bigger cam and higher compression. Bandit Machine Works primary and 5 speed trans. The oil tank and license plate assembly are made from aluminum. While the foot controls, kickstand, bars and pipes are all stainless steel. By the way, loving those foot controls! The bike sure has that Billy Lane overall look. Lock admits that he was inspired by Billy's work; himself being a fan. The beautiful paint was done by  Bill Connely. Daddy Go Hard is a great combination of vintage look and power. 'Cause yes, Lock assures me that Daddy it's fast ! And for sale.




Photo credit : Lock.

 A few readers asked me if I know who did this marvelous job posted below.

I know who did. Lock from EFAB. On another crazy wild custom bike called Speed Fetus. Go check his website for more pics.


Photo credit : AMD

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