Darizt Design - Indonesia.

The lack of a big not-so-expensive bike market is what motivated Agus Darizt from Indonesia to start building custom bikes.  His great dream of becoming a bike builder didn't crumbled cause of his financial issues. This is how it goes down; we all want something that we can't afford. Most of the time. It's well written in the Bible (just kidding ) .  So Agus decided to work with what he could afford. And this is one of the best examples where the vision and passion tops the $. With outstanding results. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this kind of people. Agus, you freaking rule man ! From his ''attempts'' as he calls his projects, we have chosen to post up the most extravagant one. The...


What used to be a vitage Honda CB 100, thanx to Agus turned in this awesome little crazy custom. Most of the parts are hand made as you can imagine. Including the front end, under the backbone gas tank or frame. The vibrant cool orange paint job plus the flames only makes Agus's creativity to stand out.


The latest creation from DD is the 1982 Kawasaki z200. Called ''The 9th attempt''  :


10th it's on it's way !


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