Angus MacPhail's JADE WARRIOR.

''In 1985, Performance Bikes Magazine featured this amazing creation of British motorcycle racer Angus MacPhail – who built it himself in his garage – that could best be described as some sort of cross between a motorcycle and a snow sled. Known as the “Jade Warrior,” this one-of-a-kind ride traversed the quarter mile in under 8 seconds a quarter century ago without the use of nitromethane. That’s quite a feat for the time, and an experience that could probably be best described as riding on the tip of a bullet.

MacPhail literally laid head-first and stretched out full length on the Jade Warrior, which ran on a small scooter tire out front and a massive meat ala a Top Fuel Motorcycle out back. It was powered by an inline 4-cylinder that blended MacPhail’s own engineering with that of a Ford Cosworth and sported a Roots supercharger amongst the gaggle of pulleys and belts that the particular style of engine utilized. MacPhail estimated it to produce somewhere between 400 and 500 horsepower.''


Words by DragZine.com / Pics via El Corra Motors blog.

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