Slim's Fab -US.

This guy has been around for some time now. Chopping metrics or Sportsters and making his own handelbars, gas tanks, pipes and what not. I remember first hearing about him through researching the crazy ass trike a while ago. Finally I have the chance to talk about him. From my research I found out that Riverside Slim is more a do-it-and-stfu-kinda-a-guy. Which I like the most about a chopper head. Less talk, more welding and chopping !
The designs that Slim comes up with are not on everybody's taste and that just comes with the territory. Key word : abstract. Better different and ''hated'' by many. Rather then having your ass kissed like a shiny mirror but not bringing anything cool or crazy to the table.  That's why this guy deserves my respect. And yes, he's the monkey that chopped a 1964 Chevy G10 van and fitted a big-block Mopar in it. Why you ask ? For  wheelies !

''Yes, it's stupid, yes, it's dangerous, but just look at that, it's what you call fun, and a lot of it. The work was done at Slim's Fabrication in Redlands, California by Slim  and the van was recently sold to another like-minded maniac.''  Introducing ...

The van.


Dirt Nap


Credits :  SlimFab / Chop Cult / Jalopnik .

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