Rough Crafts -Taiwan.

I know...don't run away yet ! These guys are really serious about building bikes.
''Rough Crafts is a professional design power house. We specialize in custom motorcycle, graphic design, product development, street art... and blend them all together. Our mission is to create motorcycle art with both old school charm and new school technology.''  Checking all of their projects that statement becomes valid.

BS X4 chop.  

Built back in 2009, I've chosen this project because it's a magnificent transformation. Making a Honda X4 1300 into a retro street monster (their words not mine) worth mentioning. The whole sheet metal was done by RC. Including handle bar, gas tank, fenders, pipes, foot controls . The beautiful springer is also an  Rough Crafts/MEM Factory result.
The 1300 cc's engine breaths thru an K&N carb. The beefy wheels arefrom HD (front) equipped with Tokito brakes while the rear one is from Performance Machine with Performance Machine/Rooke Customs brakes. ''This bike was mod from a HONDA X4 1300 by us ROUGH CRAFTS Taiwan, was done a couple years ago, tons of work and one-offs everywhere.''
This is a custom project full of good taste and the bike just screams quality. Vey well done !

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