Lamb Engineering -UK.
If you'll take a closer look at what Larry Houghton builds, you'll know that he's not your average bike builder. Provocative designs and twisted ideas are key words when it comes to express Lamb's builds.

Wide boy.  This sick little puppy is my favorite from all of Larry's creations. Built back in 2009 , this 1983 6 cylinder CBX engine comes straight out from the future. Skinny one-inch thick aluminum sheet bent and twisted like only a jap cartoon sketcher could do on his paper.  Seen from the front this monstrous engine looks like a tank skating on a circus wheel.

Son of a Gun. Took 2nd place in AMD World Championships 2011 and 1st place Custom Chrome’s recent European Bike Show. The bike was built from scrap and it's based on a BSA Gold Star 500cc's. Beautiful summer sexy dream.

Lamb chop II. It's one of the best neo-retro customs ever in my opinion. The gorgeous front end, the curvey lines of the gas tank, the big handle bars remind me of the early classic bikes. Powered by a Rev Tech 88 inch motor, this beauty has some modern details details. Like the modern interpretation of the seat. It looks like a flying dove. Or the ''speeding'' wheels....or the superb rear fender.

Cafe Rouge.   This is far from being just an Norton Commando 850cc 1976 cafe racer. It's Larry's twisted imagination of an extreme cafe racer. In flesh and bones errr... I mean in metal and bolts! Acycrlic tank. One off frame completley machined from alloy. Looks like this bike is waiting for you to turn your eyes away for a sec so it can transform into a freakin' robot !

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