Culp Customs -US.

''Culp's Customs is your one-stop shop for grown-up toys...custom bikes, retro aviation flying behind big ol' Russian radial M-14Ps, street rods, antique Suzuki and BMW cafe racers, custom Indians, motorcycle parts and more.''

-Steve Culp.

S1000RR custom. Nope the pics are fine, don't worry. This really is a BMW 1000RR. Well, only it's original frame, engine and wheels. “The bike screams speed and swagger. But it also represents everything that came before it. It has a history and vintage bones.” The wolf wears sheep clothing in this case. The elite of supersport motorcycling been covered up in classic and nostalgic design. No other words from me...just wow. And have fun Culp, smokin' the posers after the traffic light turns green !

“You know, a motorcycle isn’t a person. It’s not a spirit or a soul. It’s an amalgamation of metal and plastic, with an objective of making money. When the factories are putting designs together, they are doing it for sales. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also no mandate demanding that we keep our bikes looking like a factory built them. Individuality is not a bad thing.”
Photo credit : Bike EXIF.

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