Rooster Custom Cycles -US.

''There are plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts out there who thought they could become custom bike manufacturers simply because they liked to ride. They – and their customers – quickly discovered that it takes a lot more than just a love of the sport to produce an exceptional bike.
At RoosteR Custom Cycles we’re different. Sure, we love motorcycles. But we also have over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.''
Long story short, RCC builds custom bikes in a very small mass production size and with the ability to change/charge for extra components at the customer's taste. Don't wanna debate this subject any longer (...).

Chaos. Is the only bike from RCC that kept my attention. This is one of so-called production bikes from their catalogue. The overal look is a bitch-slap to the chopper purists. Along with the Z bars, the whole front end has a heavy visual impact. To keep the same curvey design symmetrical, the seat is mounted on a shock. The frame is stainless steel. The black, brass'n chrome (beautifully) contrast really does the trick of keeping you staring at this bike. The vintage look and high technology compound it's at it's best here. The S&S T111 engine and the Baker kick-start (+electric start) trans make sure that you won't be dissapointed when you twist the throttle.

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