AQG is Aldo Querio Gianetto's chopp shop from Italy. If you take a closer look at what he builds some true talent will be revealed to you. I've been looking for more informations about this red son-of-a-bitch for so long and finally I got ahold of him. Talking about the bike below, not about the builder :)
He still ownes the first bike that he chopped, a Morom. That was his first project, including the girder, drag pipes and the paint. Let's get back to the red devil now. It's called Cannonball Extreme and the name fits the bike just right. The dragster look, the riding position and the ''empty'' backbone are clear details that this bike means business. On the track mostly. And wants to be abused. S&S 145cc will do the trick. Double twin Super G carb. Gas tank mounted next to your ass. The vibrant contrast between the candy red and the chrome makes it easy to spot from a mile away. Wanna take this one for a spin so bad !




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