Pangea Speed . US.

Andy Carter is responsible for what goes out of the gates of PS.
Here's a short fragment of his manifesto :

''We craft timeless, top-quality motorcycle parts based on the wisdom of the ages. Our inspiration is drawn from many cultures and disciplines and it shows in every aspect of our product.''

You don't hear something like that from every wrench-monkey. Thank God for that. Everybody is different and that shows up in everything you do, say, wear or ride. It's your identity. It's who you really are. And Pangea Speed creations sure don't get lost in the parking lot. You don't know what Pangea means ? Well, go grab a book son !

Zion Express.  I talked to Andy long ago and I've been meaning to introduse this one so much. Everything happens for a reason so, with a second or two later then others, it's my time to talk about The Zion. It's one of my favorites. Because it's so different from everything else. The hand made headlight lens capsule reminds me of those 70's or 80's trains featured in the Batman cartoon series. But the Pangea Streamliner bars keep that classic look alive. While the whole bodywork speaks about the future.
What used to be a 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster turned into some sort of machinery that holds up as a path conecting the Past from the Future.
The classic vintage  kickstarter v-twin blends perfectly with the futuristic hand crafted steel.  Including the gas tank, air cleaner, front and the rear bodywork. I have to admit. I hate sissy bars. Probably this one is the only one I really (really) like. The old 4 speed was replaced with a big twin 5-speed and the single radial mount Tokiko 4 piston caliper works great with the Ferodo disc and they do mean business. The Firestone vintage tires are the cherry on top of the cake !

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