Chemical Chopper - Oomega.

I really don't know how to start this one...really. (minutes passing by...) Still nothing. This bike looks so amazing that I can't even describe it ! Itso Kotavuopio of Tampere, Finland is the father of this creation.
''Isto's inspiration came from his experiences with death and re-birth at an early age. In small towns in Finland, old ornate horse drawn hearses are still commonplace. Most of the ideas for the fantastic hand made details were taken from these vintage 1800 carriages.'' 

Oomega is full of mysteries and mind blowing details.  ''The frame is made of 25mm seamless hydraulic tubing. Covered in hand fabricated 1.5 mm. sheet metal. The sheet metal was first shaped on a Pullmax then finished off by hand hammering to its perfect shape. The frame and fuel tank were then molded with lead, just like vintage custom car makers like George Barris did in Southern California back in the 1950s. . Being a Silversmith by trade, Itso took the time to design and hand fabricate each exquisite detail piece you see in the photos. The Flying Eyeball headlight itself took almost 100 hours to complete''.
This rolling art is powered by an Indian 741, 600 cc's.  Remade with JE pistons, a Harley-Davidson M-18 Linkert carburetor and a Wico magneto. I don't think that this build's purpose was to revolutionize the motorcycle industry. But it sure does a helluva job letting jaws dropped dead after seing it! First time when I saw Oomega it was without it's creator. So I thought that hell, only a perfectly suited gentleman could proper fit the bike's allure and only with a certain vintage charm. A peaceful smile appered on my face after I saw how Itso intoduced it. The bow tie was missing but what are you going to do eh ?


Paragraphed words/pics from Diesel Punks.org / 2Day Blog / AMD.


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