Gray Indian -Italy.

''Since 1996 we produce and distribute our custom accessories for jap bike and Harley Davidson in the best shops aroubd the world.''

Torpedo. With sucha design this custom clearly belongs in the spotlight. Torpedo shapped, it looks like speeding even when it's not running. Seeing that RPM gauge, the dual carbs inside and that whole wire mess beneth the cockpit makes me thing that this baby means trouble. The 1000cmc's liquid cooled 2 cylinder from Aprilia sure does sound like fun. 4 valves per cylinder, electronic injection. Me, being a dumbass, I thought that the tail belongs to a sidecar. Wrong. It's looks like a skark... Or yeah, like a torpedo, d'oh !
Many thanks to Gray Indian for the tech infos.

Photo credit : GI.

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