Peugeot 515 Concept.

The vintage 515 is a beautiful motherfucker. There, I said it. Built in 1934, this motorcycle was equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder capable of 500cc's.
On Friday, October 5, 1934, led by Marcel & Robert Pahin, Camille Verchère Narcy and Pedro, the 515 has beaten three world records:
- 2 000 km to 120 km / h average,
- 2849 km in 24 hours, averaging 118 km / h,
- 25h23min 3000 km and 20 sec., Averaging 118 km / h.

Based on this vintage motorcycle, the industrial design student Simone Madella did his own futuristic interpretation :

“I focused on the Peugeot 515 (three world records) from 1934. At the time this bike broke three world records equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke 500cc engine capable of getting to 140 mph which for the time was very fast. Inspired by the Peugeot EX1 [electric concept car], I wanted to create an electric motorcycle that could beat any record - speed, endurance, trustworthiness, recharge time etc., while following the same racing spirit with which it was built.

First I decided to put a big electric motor on the rear wheel and a battery pack in the middle (with a cover and ventilation outlets. The lowslung weight meant a lowered centre of gravity which is best for improved agility and stability. Under the battery pack is a fin with sensors which can analyse the road conditions - wet, damaged, dirty etc - and communicate them to the rider.''

The bike looks very cool. The ''kid'' nailed it!  Don't know what the hell is going on in the engine zone but eh, will find out in the future !

Photo credit : jano2016 / Two Wheels Blog.

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