The fairy tale started out with this :


Just skip to the part we're interested in right now, the one between 1:43 and 2:00. So you know how dwrenched guys like me and you are...
After spotting that deathtrap rat rod my mind was activated. Again, I had to know and definitely see more. My detective skilles once again did their magic and I reached out to it's owner, Mike.
Mike is one of the coolest guys I've talked to. He was kind enought to give me what I've been searchin for, pics and infos that is, you pervs!
He also took some time off and did some filming and shooting! Even if he'll never admit it and I'll never say it out loud, maybe my influence got him running the ball and that's why he did all of these. But like I said, I'll never say that :) Maybe it's only in my imagination. Shhhh...

The rat was built by Mike himslef with the help of one of his friends. Willie, being responsible for the engine and for the wiring harness.
The Truck is a 31' Ford with a 463 Big Block Chevy inside. One fine piezce of jewelry that engine is... Fully Hand built Frame. 22" & 20" Black powderkoated Bonspeed Wheels. I have to say, if those wheels were chromed the whole project would have looked like a well, shit. Beacuse those wheels have that tuner vibe. Most of the people using them get'em chromed. Blah. But here, in this case, it's custom (rat rod) culture @ it's finest!

The 463 Big Block Chevy makes and breaks 600hp's. Considering the fact that the truck only weighs 2400 lbs... Yes, that sounds like FUN !!! Asked about the feeling of his ride, Mike replied : ''Rides really smooth, cause its on Air Ride. But when that Motor torques up, IT'S ALL OVER THE ROAD, if you really put your foot into it :)) ''
Like I said, sounds like FUN ! Special thanks go out to Mike and his dad for their help and input, really appreciate it guys ! As far as the dWRENCHED rat rod goes, what else could I comment? Mike, don't just burn the rubber...make it scream for mercy !

PS : Super sweet artwork shown above, the creation of Nick Crouch. Ok I'm done, check out the very cool video Mike put up together .

*for the full experience stop whatever the fuck you're doing, kick back, relax, hit fullscreen and HD. ENJOY

Photo credit : Lindsay Freeman / Nick Crouch / www.surface-dvd.com

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