I remember finding these pics a long long time ago. And boy, am I happy I save'em! Illustrating one of the most interesting dWRENCHED projects I've seen so far, I wasn't smart enought to save any other infos. And something that may lead me to it's owner/builder. Maybe there were none...
I can't even imagine the massive work behind this project. The whole frame is made out of engine parts. The mind blowing leaf front suspension as well. Even the headlight mount is made out of the same engine parts. That's freakin unbelievable !!!
Just thinkin how much time the designing only took, makes my head spin. Even if it's supposed to sit in an (art) museum, the pics sure state that this one is by far only a diamond. It's ridden. Ah...wonderful.

If you do find something out please feel free to shoot me an email @ the website' email adress, dwrenched@gmail.com

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