Guys over 3-2 Choppers kick ass. ''Innovation is a very basic concept. You either set the trends, or you follow them. Rarely is there room for interpretation of this most basic of concepts, especially when it comes to the motorcycle industry. You are either willing to take the risks associated in defining your own sense of style and design, setting yourself apart from the pack...or you become one of those guys you see hunting for his bike in a sea of thousands of other cookie-cutter bikes. It's usually one or the other''. Checking out their wild, low and mean machines you'll easily descover their attitude towards custom fabin'. Founded by the brothers JC and Jimmie Lee, along with their partner Tommy Schuler the 3-2 shop tops up many others just of the way they do business. The guys will not only build your dream bike, they will also invite you to take action in building it. Yes, they will teach you how to's and you'll be an active part on building your sick ride. See...that's why they kick ass!

The RUFINO II is the most dWRENCHED chopp from the 3-2 shop. And that's why I've decided to post it up. It's a low and raked skinny motherfucker. Like most of the 3-2 bikes, this one is not appealing to everybody's taste. Well, I love and respect that about chopps. You already know that :)
Built in just 4 months, RUFINO II has in-shop-made frame, gas tank, handlebars and even the tailight. The frame has 25 degrees of rake. Jeri Springer. The 80inches S&S Shovel by Darrells Custom Cycles  goes great with the Rev Tech 5 in a 4 only kicker and S&S Super E carb. Primo Brute IV and Primo Brute clutch. Hand made pipes, of course. Hand and foot controls by Jay Brake. The Raven Star wheels by Thomason Performance, unchromed, really fit with the whole ''FU'' attitude of the bike .  21 in the front, 18 in the rear. Avon Cobra tires. Painted by ''OSC'' Other Side Customs, this mofo is not built to win prizes or to draw crouds. It was made to put a smile on one person's face, it's owner. Lucky fucker...
Special thanks to Jonathan Coen for his help and input.






Photo credit : Roman Pena Rap Photo Company.

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