Ok, all of us like to chill out from time to time and kill some hours, killing some stuff in a game or two. And we all want, even if for one time only, to build that crazy freakin tank-van-war machine we like so much. How cool would it be if we could built that and just go and bomb down a building or go straight into it and just trash it?! Now that's a really good stress reliever huh? Unfortunately we can't do that, mainly because we live in something called society bla bla bla. But don't lie to saying you never dreamed of driving one of the cars from Mad Max, The Batmobile or any crazy freakish machine from a war pc game.
So ! Combining that manly, yet childish thirst for destruction and evil with marketing stunts, Paul Jr. and the creators of Gears of War 3 teamed up. Unveiling at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California at the Comic-Con 2011 one bad-ass trike.

The so-called handle bars are twisted straight up...the look of operating a machine being strengthened. This massive, heavy looking ''war machine'' is powered by a Crazy Horse V-Plus 100ci engine. Connected to a Baker RSD 6-Speed drivetrain. It does have that apocalyptic, somber, dark, overcast bla bla bla feeling to it, mainly thanks to the paint job done by Nub Graphics. But what I like the most about this dwrenched project is the way the tailguners are used. What used to be a tail guner muffler got directed towards the front and used as ''actual'' machine guns. For that simple idea I take off my hat in front of Jr. Even though I don't wear one.
Yeah...I would love to ride that ...smoking some fellas on the way :)

Photo credit : PJD.


  1. I totally agree, extremely cool but very unpractical. They never showed them riding faster than 30-40 on it so I wonder even how roadworthy it is. But big fan of the game so I totally appreciate his vision on this one.

  2. ^^^same here bro, same here. I don't think anything OCC-related stuff (including PJD) is made to go fast or just...go. thank you for your comment!


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