Bugs Custom is a shop from Germany. Now, I don't know any german. But Georg's philosophy that goes something like ''making crazy ideas a reality'' works just fine for me. The more I look at the Reaper the more G's statement makes sense to me. The main thing that distinguishes this pro street from others is, without a doubt, the backbone. Ckicken shin was my body's reaction after seeing The Reaper. Human spine shapped, or any spine if that matters, the backbone that splits the gas tank in 2 halfs really makes it's ''wow'' role. Crazy in-house metal fabbin' including the handlebars, oil tank, foot pegs, claws and bones. . The 124cc's v twin engine makes sure that The Reaper won't stay behind if he'll decide to get you. A BDL drivetrain transfers the power to the massive 300mm rear tire. The devil....I mean The Reaper is in the details !

Photo credit : BUGS / AMD.

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