Found this really interesting motorcycle on Bike Exif and I finally convinced myself that it should belong here (too) .

“My fatherLouis Lucian Lepoux  (1918-1988) was an industrial designer—French born, but mostly based in Germany during his career. With no backing of any kind from BMW, he designed and constructed an extreme streamlined bike based on a BMW R12 chassis in 1947. (...) He came from a family of very low means, his parents were peasants. Strapped for cash, my father had to sell it in the late 40s, and since that time, no one knows where it is.
Some of the design elements were later used in the design of motorbikes produced by small companies in Germany during the 1950s: Louis used the BMW to build his name in the German motorbike industry, and conceived many machines 1950s for Kreidler, Hercules, Horex, Puch, Maico, Triumph, Bastert and Walba. Unfortunately, there is not much information now about this BMW, or who the buyer was. My father tried to relocate it; we always assumed it was probably exported at some point to the USA.''
-said his son, Bertrand Lepoix for Bike Exif.
I got nothing else to add than...wow.

Image copyright FTI Erika Kübler.

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