A few days ago I had the honor of receiving a mesage from SENJU The Sculptor. Along with some really cool words, he also sent me some pics. His name might not ring any bells in your mind (same case here)  maybe because he lives in Okayama, Japan. So not so much europeen or us exposure. After you'll see what kind of work he does you will never forget his name. I've seen ''some'' art along the way. But I never get tired to be amazed of what the human mind, body and soul can come up with.

Because, for creating something like this you really need to be passionate. And endowed with some serious patience and skills.

Senju uses materials like ebony, gold, silver, blass, ivory and stainless steel to create his projects. 

SENJU, all the best from dWRENCHED.COM and I will always be with an eye on your work ! (senju's blog it's in his  name mentioned above, redded and bolted out-in case you didn't know the trick )

''Eyes ... which nestled in dark clouds
The eyes with what a person sees this work.
... which has you imagine the story of this work through your own eyes
The way of feeling it is different ... by every person in it's own way''



  1. hi i have seen this one before in some blog and seen the gas tank in biker metric on facebook. i realy like it so much and the bobber to. who painted the tank and has the credit for this ride... greats per nielsen Denmark

  2. so here's what I found out. the bike's name is Passion and it got sold (in Japan) after a bike show. here's some cool stuff for you to look @ thank you very much for the infos SENJU !!!

  3. WOW...Great Art!!!! i LUV IT!!!


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