A few words...about the photographer.
Introducing Todd-Aaron Custom Photography.

From the moment I ran across this beautiful set of pics of this beyond cool 31' Ford, I knew I have to get in contact with Aaron.
Aaron spent a lot of his childhood growing up around his grandfather. He was a mechanic in World War 2 and after that he had a garage down town in the 50's. He got his love for cars and wrenching on them from his grandpa. Aaron is into photography since he was in the 7th grade. He did built a pinhole camera, took pictures and developed them himself in an art class. Now he photographs cool cars and bikes and even weddings. Now that's passion.
Huge thanks to Aaron for letting me use his pictures. Top notch quality!
Based out of East Texas, just down the road from Dallas, so he has easy access to DFW International Airport, if needed, to travel to your location near or far.

Contact Aaron @ :

Phone - 903-360-2225.

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