Can you believe that this dWRENCHED bike started out as a Honda Mega Pro ? But thanks to a shop called Yogyakarta N'Joy76 that sad poor thing (aka ''bike'') ended up looking like a bike drawing from those weird jap manga series. I mean....damn! This custom it's a sucha exotic cocktail!!!
Ok so first of all we have the funky front end. Curved. To go with the whole design, the frame is also curved and has that fishy fish ( lol ) look. The handle bars are clean. Under the backbone there is an aluminiun gas tank.

The part that really gets to me it's the stop light. It's incorporated in the exhaust that rises from down under the cafe racer style really small tail.
C'mon now...that's gorgeous! The orange-yellow flashy paint is another +1. Tons of chrome and hundreads of hp's couldn't match the cool factor on this one in my book!

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