R3voltn1, an user from Customfighters built this awesome futuristic naked bike.

The tech sheet looks like this :
2000 Honda CBR 929RR (aka Fireblade)Honda VFR 800 single side swingarm
Honda Civic aftermarket rear rim 7.5 x 18 (chromed lip) with 240mm tire
Honda RC51 front rim (polished lip)
Harley Davidson V-rod headlight
Aprilia RSV1000R tailight
Kawi ZX12 front brake master cylinder and res
VW aftermarket exhaust baffles

Modified metalwork and plastics:Tank shaped to frame tight fit without tank seam and molded in gap.
Lower chin spoiler chopped down original fairings.
Modified bracketry for 2" lower stance on the chin spoiler.
Bolt heads polished

Custom fabricated from scratch body parts:Tail section
Radiator covers
Front fender
Frontal fork covers/fairing

Custom painted:Frame
Body parts stated above
Stator cover
Clutch cover
All small parts

Aftermarket bought:Wave Brake rotors
Foot pegs
Exhaust chrome tips
LED blinkers

Special:Molded in GPS for speedo.
Seat recovered with gloss tinted vinyl

That's a full house if you ask me... congrats on the beautifully done job R3voltn1. Batman has nothing on you bro !!!

''Lance A:  Why did you build the bike you did?
R3v:   Honestly at first, it was all experimental. I researched single side swingarms, saw what others were doing, and used some of my metal skills from car customizing and tore into it like a madman. It was all but in peices the second day I had it. Im 38 and was as excited as I was when I was 8 on Christmas morning. I went the total naked route and it was just missing something for me. So a rebuild was in order and I made radiator covers to add some style and different paint colors. I liked it better but was still not satisfied. So after lots of opinions from customfighters and more fabbed up panels later, I finally came up with the right porportions. This bike was a learning experience on what to do and what not to do. I didn’t know what I wanted in the begining but figured out later that I did want a bike that look like a futuristic muslecar. I think I accomplished that and I feel like the next build will be way easier…faster……….and better.''

Pics and quote from Customfighters.com.

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