Considering the fact that this bike was voted as the ''best bike'' from the American Biker Bild Off Show... Ah, no.  That's not good. Let's try again.

OK, here's why I've decided to post up this project. NOT because is was voted ''the best''. What made me post up this project here was the dWRENCHED way of dealing with the gas pipes. It's the first time ever when I see the exhaust runnning thru the gas tank.
For looks that sure IS KILLER. Untill you get on and want to ride it ? Anyway...with that idea in hand, the gas tank holds up to one mighty gallon of gas and will get you 20 miles of joy ?! The reason why I put ''?!'' on the prevoius sentence is because I really don't know how could you enjoy ridin' while you're smoked by the gas pipes. I don't think that this one was built to be ridden :) But it does have a Crazy Horse V-Plus 100ci V-Twin. And a Baker 6-speed RSD tranny.

The huge PJD/Renegade wheels sure do stand out...and what's that ? Wood insertions in the spokes ? I really like to see that this bike, although built for show, stands out as the details go. I don't know how resistent or how rideble this bike is, but standin still, sure looks dwrenched and somewhat cool ?!  Oh snap, I almost forgot...built by PJD.

Photo credit: PJD. Videos : Discovery Channel.

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