Ok... no matter the age, all of us will be watching this movie (d'oh) @ home or @ the cinema. Like the gearhead geeks that we are. Nevermind that, I don't care about that. But...WTF ?!!
The Ghost Rider, the dark AMERICAN anti-yet-superhero, the black hearted flamin' motherfucker  is riding A WHAT ? A WHAT ?!! A fuckin' Yamaha V-MAX ? You must be joking mister !!!  Ok, not a Harley...but what about Indian ? @ least give him something american made...the pissed off american hero with his ricer beneeth his crotch = EPIC FAIL in my eyes.  GODDAMN !
(ps: I'm not a V-Max hater so chill)


  1. totally agree man... i personally love the vmax and any other bike in that matter, but the ghost rider is supposed to be all american...


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