We all heard about Chip Foose.
He's a legend in the hot rod industry. His talent and design made him world famous. But this project of his is kinda dWRENCHED, so that's why I have chosen to post it up.

The P-32 hot rod is clearly inspirated  by the aircraft with the same name. The nose, the details and the whole overall design sure have that military fighter vibe. The project had to raise to the P-32's heritage and prestige. '36 Ford cowl. '39 Lincoln V12, mated to a '39 Lincoln side-shift trans, displaces 292 cubes and is fed by a pair of Stromberg 97s. The nose design was first work up by Chip and Tim Fitzpatrick in a full-size clay model, from which fiberglass molds were pulled. The molds were taken to Marcel's Custom Metal in Corona, CA, where they used them to fabricate a shell out of aluminum. The nosecone was stamped at Quality Metalcrafters in Detroit.  Narrowed '38 Lincoln unit. WWII-era B-17 seats. Motorcycle front tires. Lovin' the trunk hand made details...really sets the ''mood''.
So freakin cool...

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