The Yamaha V-max is one LEGEN---wait for it---DARY motorcycle.
It's legendary, hands down !
Upon its release in 1985, the V-Max garnered instant critical acclaim and earned the title "Bike of the Year" from Cycle Guide. -Wikipedia.

It's still a land mark in the naked bike category and it sure is a love it OR hate it situation. 1671.58 ccm /102.00 cubic inches. V4, four-stroke. 197.40 HP's and 166.80 Nm. 5 speed DOHC. I never loved math but this kind of numbers a dig !

I was one from the ''hate it'' camp. But not until Roland Sands did his magic on one of these beasts...

The frame was chopped, cafe racer style. So no stock intake scoops and tail section.  Smooth and angular were the key words for this project. And my my,  RSD  ended up with one of  the coolest custom bikes ever. I really have to admit that this is one of the few bikes I really like. DAMN !!!

Photo credit and video : RSD


  1. He does have a cool style, and if that thing is 100 lbs less, it must be a beast.


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