Chavela is the name of this beauty. Built in Spain by a shop called Malicia Indigena
All the design, holes and such makes it look like some sort of alien  creature. The under backbone gas tank looks wonderfull. Not to mention the big handle bars that rise up right from the front end on the right part? Wow...that's something new! The whole front end set up looks....dWRENCHED ! Took me some time to figure that one out. What...where...and how !

The 103cc Shovelhead comes in a very big contrast with the whole alien design. But it does come with it's coolness so...  
The skinny look of the body reminds me by the old board trackers. Chavela has slim wheels to back that up. Both are 3,5 x 23inches , from Revtech. Packed with Monster 120/70-23 tires. Blue is not my color but I do love all the details and tricks on this one. It does have that ''wow'' feeling to it.

Skinny seat and a very cool double shock rear suspension. Chavela sits as a really cool wheeled creature....I mean custombike !

Photo credit : AMD.

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