“El Guapo” is 1975 GL1000 rat bike. Let's see... You take one 2 wheeled  legend and do it the ratty style! Cool? Check. Rust? Check. Belts holding the gas tank ? Check. Awesome!!!

Leaving more in the scrap bin than on the lift was a good place to start with the venerable Goldwing.
Ditching the fake gas tank in favor of a proper tank, fastened on with good ol’ fashioned webbing required heavy modification to the backbone.
Achieving a low-slung seating position required nothing less than an entirely re-engineered subframe.


Built at or in thBack Alley Motorcycle shop.

Photo credit : Bike EXIF, BAM.


  1. photos were actually taken by mondo lulu (https://www.facebook.com/mondolulu). here is more about the bike and builder most do not know, even though i had it on my site before bikeexif: http://www.bikermetric.com/2011/11/honda-gold-wing-rat-bobber-from-canada.html

  2. Hi Trent.

    I gave credit to the ones I got the pics from. BAM & BikeEXIF. If the last one I mentioned didn't gave you any credit well...that's not really my problem, is it ?
    Thanks for your interest in dWRENCHED and for your extra infos, thank you.

    Godspeed !

  3. Thanks for the credit, Trent! Took these way back - good to see the bike has staying power.


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