This project, built by Dynamic Choppers is called EPIC. And well, what you see in these pics can easily rise up to that name.

Everything on this chopp is one-off custom made. Except the two piston brake caliper from Jaybrake. Beautifully Dynamic Choppers Epic rigid frame, awesome under the backbone gas tank and Dynamic Choppers springer... amazing details.  Have you seen those handle bars ?!
The heart @ stake is an 93'' Knucklehead.  Cooler then a family portrait.
EPIC is One of The Best. Ever. (Too)

''The short version, we didn't make the tires, lights or front brake caliper: what was done was 8000 man hours to either make or or modify every other part.''    (-DC)

If Dynamic Choppers don't ring a bell to ya maybe this will help. It's called Ruthless 360 Racing Stripe.
360 rear tire, 23" front, Weld wheels. Extreme drop seat frame. 6" out -2" up 45 deg neck. TP engineering custom built 114" motor. Primo six speed RSD transmission. 360 front brake, HHI rear brake/ sprocket. American Suspension springer. Jaybrake hand and foot controls. One off sheet metal, stainless exhaust and intake. Paint is solar flat black and a flat silver raing stripe. All aluminum is scotchbite finish
$37,500 (DC infos)

Freakin'n monster...

Another very good project to show DC's talent is this rat. So freakin' dWRENCHED !

Photo credit : DC, AMD.


  1. Should have done an Epic ePic. On second thought that is not clever it's just lame, Ok cancel that thought.


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