Here's what I like the most about my buddy, Ken. Nope, not that he's a dWRENCHED fan (I mean d'oh, that as well !!) but what I like the most about him is his bike. Hahaha

His 1966 triumph 500.  With it's lowered and stretched one piece frame.  Internal throttle with clip-ons.  Hayward belt drive.  Harley front end. Shaved . I used ''shaved'' cause this bike sure does have a lot in common with sex. It's fun and risky.
 21 front and 19 rear Sportster wheels. Cheng shin ribbed front. Coker rear tire.  Littlebike seat.
The Trump was powder coated black.  Super duper paint job on the gas tank, oil tank and rear fender by Chicago Chris.

Awesome lil' fucker (talkin about the bike).

One man job; work and design done by the one and only Ken Lofstrand. From Chemical Customs. Check it out !!!

Also, his latest creation is almost done. Powder coat and paint is all that needs to be done now!
We're talking about a Hartz Bros. Morgo 750 motor.  Custom frame by Tigman. Flyrite prototype springer . 1 of 5 made.  Retail leather seat 21' starhub with disc brake. Cotten spool rear drum 16' . ''Lots of fab and alterations to fit and make a good rider position.''  - he says.

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  1. Fuck Yea that bike looks like a blast to ride in the city or the twisties!


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