''They'' say that if you are into Choppers then you automaticly hate the Sports Bikes. Or if you are into Japs you are against the BT's (Big Twins). And if you ride a Cafe Racer you must disrespect those HD Branded weekend warriors with their superior attitude. The last ones deserve it thought hahaha No, don't start joking G.
I have to keep my head focused here... The thing is that me, as a bike fan and junky I respect and admire most of the bikes. In my own way. I do love a cool Chopp or a nicely done Cafe or even a Wheeled Rocket. In my own way. I am sure that I speak for many when I say that passion is all there is to it. Doesn't matter anyway who has what where and how. If you ride then you rule. HA !

*ps : of course choppers are way cooler then sport bikes man...C'MON ! :)

''In the custom motorcycle scene it's not uncommon to see crossovers from skaters to bike builders but how about from Punk rocker? Through his teenage years Marco Luk enjoyed skating and rocking out to his favorite punk groups. Bands like the Clash, The Exploding Hearts and Minor Threat were all favorites of the Canadian born fabricator who at 22yrs of age decided it was time to upgrade from his skateboard to a motorcycle.''

That's why I''ve decided to post up this one. Digging the punk-punkish attitude of it. It may not be cool or ''awesome'' for everybody but it's DIFFERENT. And that makes it dWRENCHED. That makes me happy.  Pizza pans for the wheels,  crazy seat covered up with some Levis black jeans. Loving the back pocket.
This '77 Honda CB 759F2 custom makes me happy. Amen.

Pics and quote from Return of the Caferacers

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