I found this amazing custom bike on Flying Piston's website a few days ago.  That's a site where you can search custom bikes by style, shop or even color. It's like a freakin' Wikipedia of Choppers !!!

It took 12 and a half years to Christoph Madaus from German Motorcycle Authority to buld this beast. And back in 2007 he finally completed it. Superb work on the details and everything...

The spec sheet is amazing... All body work made of aluminium by Christoph Madaus.
 This 2+ metters long machine (81 inches) is powered by 2 Harley-Davidson/ S&S Evolution engines.

That means 2x 1340ccm (2x 80 cui) and 2x Crane HI 4 Dual fire.
And yes, 2 x 80 hp. 5 years ago this was kinda wow huh ?!  5-speed H-D with Andrew gears. The primedrive is a Twintrax beltdrive with 2 belts (engine 1 to engine 2, width 50mm engine 2 to clutch shell, width 85mm) and dry clutch and secondary O-ring rear chain. TWINTRAX frame, CAD construction, WIG welded.
I really think that this drag styled custom bike still puts some rubber on the asphalt !

SSSssssmokin' !!!

Photo credit : Motorrevu.he & cool-bikeworld blog

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