Since the minute I layed my eyes on this custom bike I knew I have to post it. It was just a matter of time.
I'm clumsy that way...
The main thing that got my attention about this one was it's massive ...''character'' . It's like a freakin bomber -bike. It has that big-agressive-wow feel to it. The second thing that caught my attention was how clean this bike looks. No cables hangin' no extra stuff added. It sits so clean and flawless.  It's like the whole thing was made from a chunk of metal. The glossy blue paint makes it even cooler and hardcore.
Named Glasgow Kiss, this big mamma was born in Robbie Kerr's shop, named Kootenay Motorcycle Art
In Canada.

Everything was designed by Robbie itself. Stuff like the big headlight, the springer, the gas tank and the oil tank, pegs. primary covers and so on. Fat Katz fabbed the gas tank and Roger Goldammer did the oil tank. While Rolling Thunder made the farme.

120 cui. JIMS motor with an S&S carb. 5-speed Baker RSD tranny. Evil Engineering 4 inches open belt system with custom machined pulley covers. 280 mm huge front tire and 300 for the rear... 

I stole the last pic from the Kootany's facebook page to show you how big really looks Big Mamma on the street.


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