As you may already know, dWRENCHED is all about supporting the culture, the Kustom Kulture.
I like to think that this is the home of the artists working on canvas and with metal as well. And by posting their work it's also my way of showing my respect and support for their effort, dedication, work and passion.
Same case in our today's story.


A man who works with his hands, is a Worker.
A man who works with his hands and brain, is a Craftsman.
A man who works with his hands, brain and his heart,
is an Artist.

Well then Jeff is a true artist. When I first saw his Buick I thought it's a custom car for movies. It isn't. This little (sense the sarcasm) Buick was built to run on play grounds like the Salt Flats.

More then that, it's a speed record holder:
August 2009 XO / GCC : 130.838
October 2009 XO / GCC : 134.054
October 2010 XO / GCC : 141.821

 A very interesting mix lays beneath the 8 inches chopped and lowered Riviera body... 1950 Buick Roadmaster 320 big block straight S, bored 020 over to make a total of 324CI. Borg Warner T-10, 4- speed tranny. Qucik Fuel race 750 cfm carb. '68 Chevy Van drop axle 11 inches narrowed.

It's no longer a classic car. That's for sure. It's not a gangsta car either. This awesome car built by Jeff behind his art studio is more like the Phatom of the Bonneiville Salt Flats !

Show some respect and check out Jeff's website Brocks Rockets .

Photo credit Brocks Rockets.


  1. WOW! ,
    What a great feature.
    This has been a labor of love. A lot of hard work and pains... have lead to a lot of pleasure and pride.
    I built this car with 2 local, previously inexperienced young men. It has been an ongoing adventure, with a new "skinny EVIL twin" being created ... as we speak.


    ROCKET HEADS RACING is so very grateful.

  2. My pleasure Jeff, thank you so much for your awesome input !


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