The quest for more pictures and infos about this one started so freaking long ago. To long if you ask me. But since I deserve a detective bagde or something I managed to track it down; more or less.

It all started with a picture seen on facebook. Since then, the image of this truck remained planted in my brain and there was no way of getting rid of it !

It looks like we are talking about a 1942 GMC COE truck. With a factory GMC V12. Yep, 2 sentences kept me away from posting this one before. Because I try to post up good and documented shit. But you already know that ;) The truck is owned by Pat McNeal and it was feaured on the issue no26 of Traditional Rod and Kustom Magazine.

I can't even imagine the looks of the people when Pat rides by... Damn, this is one hardcore and yet sexy  machine !

Practical ? Eh, not quite... Cool ?! Fuck yeah !!!

Photo credit : Just a car guy Blog

Enjoy the video !

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