Blastolene ''is a Brotherhood of autonomous individual artists and craftsmen who encourage each other's creativity.''
So it says on their website.

Basicly, is where some really cool artists come up with their weirdest and wildest machines.
Michael Leeds and Randy Grubb are the main artists from Blastolene.

Let me revigorate your memory...

A while ago, Randy built The Blastolene Special.

''Randy Grubb's car started with a M47 Patton Tank V12 engine (1950-1955) 1800 cu. inches all aluminum - air cooled - overhead cam - Engine alone cost U.S. Govt. $100,000. to produce in 1955. She takes 17 GALLONS OF OIL - 1000 h.p. - 1500 ft. lbs. of torque.Y E S ! ( The engine was designed to run under water ! ''

He also built The Piss'd Off Pete Truck.
''Randy's Peterbilt Features 12v71 Detriot Diesel with two 671 superchargers.''

Whike Michael Leeds built these two insane ''trikes'' .

The first and most known is the Rocket II. ''Features blown Hemi, Stainless Kulgul
independent Rear end.''

Stats (from Bikernet trikes )

Weight: 2500lbs
Motor: John Arruzza - Arruzza High Performance, North Carolina
16 plug, 426 Hemi 1 of only 50 cast blocks, 1000hp 871 blower
0-100mph 4.5 seconds
Top Speed: “Who knows?”
Headers: Bassett Racing, Anaheim, CA (Speedboat headers)
Transmission: 3 speed Torqueflite
Body: Randy Grubb, Oregon
Electrical: Dave Nelson MSD ignition
Wheelbase: 12ft
Wheels: Front wheel is homage to Bonneville Salt Flats
Front rim made out of a block of aluminum 18x26 – 50lb rim inspired by the Viper
Tomahawk 2 front tires – 24in Metzler
Back axle: Kugel Komponents – La Habra, CA
20 inch rims on back
Mickey Thompson tires 18x31
9” inboard brake pistons
Custom speedometer: Classic Instruments
Back lights: ’59 Cadillac

Roadkill is the latest creation from Michael... Oh what a monster !!!

Ok, so now... Damn, I forgot what I really wanted to talk about. So many and cool machines I honestly forgot my main story. It's hard to focus when you see so many cool stuff being built... Remember the toys you used to have as a kid ? Remember that saying... ''The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys'' ?  Hell yeah...

Now I remembered ! (hahaha)

So you take Randy + a old shitty motorhome and the result ?


''Randy's Vision: Flash Gordon's Motorhome!
This 26' polished aluminum beauty features a flying bridge, complete with driving station
and room for 5 passengers on the roof.''

 1973 GMC Motorhome chassis. 1955 White COE (cab-over engine). Nuff said.
I'm one of the few who really has nothing to do with motorhomes. I don't even care that much about them to hate'em. But the Decoliner is stellar !

Michael is also busy, with his 1942 Ranger v-12 airplane engine car.

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