Batman was a bafoon... when it comes to his bikes. 

Check out the BEST OF SHOW Bike from Verona 2012. Called APOCALYPSIS 7.3 this custom sure makes your jaw to go bye bye - dropped dead.

Built by the italian shop ED Special.  As you already guessed, style is everything in this case.

Streched and super beefy single-sided rigid front end. 48 degrees of rake to be exact.
Weird a la Batman inverted handle bars, super low riding position, tiny seat and mufflers under your ass sure makes an impact !

The concept bike began as a CAD project and the shop used 48 mm tubing to built it up. The split in two halfs gas tank also incorporates the oil tank. In house friction drive system for the 360 mm rear wheel. Resulting by cutting and welding up 2 wheels by the way.

 ''A right-side drive gear box is connected to a short drive chain that mounts on the end of a transfer box that inverts the direction of the drive and allows the friction roller to turn the tire in the correct direction. The other side of the transfer box mounts a brake rotor for the rear wheel braking.''

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 cmc engine. Mikuni Carb. Ducati 1198 clutch. Yamaha R1 brake calipers.  How do the italian fellas say it... oh yeah... Bellisima !!

Photo credit : ED Special / AMD (quote included) / HD Village It.

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