From what I've been reading, it seems that in the 70's these Yamaha R5 were quite a hit. The bike become a legend cause of it's 350cc 2 stroke engine that could easily lift the front end and wheelie your ass!

Not so long ago, I spotted on Return Of the Cafe Racers this really cool dWRENCHED custom Cafe.

It seems it was built by Atom Bomb Custom , after it was bought as a basket project. For 75$. The bike started to take shape and being built as this cool special freaky bike you can see below not only 5 years after that. Then..

''Then all hell broke lose.  I kept the main engine cradle, forks, rims, and engine  but everything else is  hand built.  Originally it  ran with K&N pod filters acting as the air filters. As luck would have it 2 strokes actually run horrible with pod filters. The R5 uses the dead air room in the air box to pre corroborate the air. (this was explained to me and I i still don’t know if i believe it or understand it fully). So like every thing else on the bike i decided to build on with a similar volume to the air box. Did it help? You bet it did. Currently she runs like a champ.''


The Giant Killer sits as a whole quite beatifully. It's like a small but deadly creature ready to teach you a lesson. In manners. Street racing manners hahahaa ! Light, stripped to the bare necessities... On top of that, one unique and cool design ! It also has an elegance I can't even describe...I love this bike!

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