I don't like trikes. Everytime I think about trikes I imagine a fat ass rider with his fat ass lady in the back. It's not a pretty picture haha.

This one is quite different. Besides it's originality, it's also cool. Built by Francis Bouillet of Kustom & Racer Design. In France.
 After seeing the ''The World's Fastest Indian"  ,  Francis knew he had to build his own wild vision.  He did.

Called Bonneville Spirit,  this really retro looking trike really shows Francis's passion for planes and aerodynamics. After all, the man is an ex jet fighter pilot. Home made frame. The trike's front end comes from a car while the foot rests come from an french Fouga CM-170 Magister plane. Powered by a Sportster engine.

It's a very beautiful creation and that's why I posted first the vintage pics. I think the trike looks best in those. Posting this second batch so you can admire it's pinstripings, made by Allaix.

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