It's been quite some time since my heart got so exalted of joy and happiness thanks to a motorcycle. Don't get me wrong, I do like all the bikes I post. D'oh !

But rarely one puts that childish smile on my face.  This is one of those rare occasions.

One dWRENCHED fella named Konrad , from Germany,  built this amazing motorcycle. I really don't have my whole bag of words to describe how much I like this bike.

'45 Harley WLA Flathead. Hand made rigid frame. From nuts welded togetherBoard tracker style. If only dWRENCHED.com had a trophy to give away... !!!
Superb motorcycle.

This project also involves a story :

''Story was: The bike has to run for at leat one mile without falling into bits or the maker Konrad has to run 5 km. Look at him :)
He had to win. We had a doctor there in case he has to run. No joke.
But he made it very well with only loosing his exhaust pipe and burning his leg so the mate from the MOT TÜV  (or Roadworthy Inspector as you may say) had to run because he lost the bet.''

Many thanks to K's brother Mike (aka MK Müller Honda) for his help in putting this article together ! He also lets me know that Konrad is working on a handmade Volkswagen 166 Swimmer. Mike also lets me know that his brother is...well, NUTS.  Like the pics could say otherwise Mike. Hahahaha !

We'll just have to wait and see that one too. Mike, keep us posted !

Photo credit : MK / Jürgen Breitfeld

It ''only'' took me a few hours to find the videos (...) so ENJOY :

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