Time to get your heart pumping faster and raise your RPM's. It's time to introduce one of those motorcycles that can give you a heart attack...

Diavola is the latest creation of Germán Cornaglia from Derbidson, Spain.

I'll spare you with my babble babble and get right on the good stuff.
Front and rear mono swingarms. Camshaft steering. Almost everything hand made by Germán. Kawasaki ZZR 600 engine. Crazy somehow ''incorporated'' handle bar. Insane simplistic yet alienish design. Car wheels and tires.

I don't know if this is G's beautiful nighmare or not but one thing I know for sure. This bike is wild !!!
It won the Freestyle class and Best in Show @ LLUNATICA SPAIN Show and it sets for Sturgis. Congrats DERBIDSON !

Check out the videos :


  1. Although it is cool. Looks unrideable at speed? I can't imagine riding with those flat tires on there and that steering. Personally for me, unless you can ride it like a regular bike, it looses a little something. Customs have some sacrifice, but that seems a bit much. But it is cool and all hand built and that I can appreciate.

    1. the bike perfectly circulating


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