A few days ago I came across a pic showing a very strange trike. I won't post it 'cause the pic really is small. Three days ago, ''some guy'' contacts me via email (dwrenched@gmail.com ). He asks me if his project fits the dWRENCHED philosophy...
His name is Dave Enting. He built that trike from that picture I found... I shit you not fellas; I blame it on Karma.  

''Fortunate to have a couple engineering degrees, designed machines for others, two co-inventor patents and thirty years of trying to find out who the hell I am; got in my late 50's and started designing a three-wheeler.   Being a student of F1 and NHRA my whole life has also left its mark.''

This is how Dave starts his letter to me.

Matters like can "it" be built and safety issues (everything needed to perform at a very high level) were very important for Dave. After everything was thought out, it was time for building, grinding and welding.
Designed and built by Dave himself. Took ten years to build. Mechanical experiment to build a technically correct three-wheeler.

He called it Justryken V8 . The frame, front suspension and steering are his own designs. Complete rear drive and suspension from Corvette C5.  Motor has been dressed up - originally an old school '72 4 bolt Small Block Chevy 400. Bored out to 406 cu. in.

Second stage Melling cam, three dueces (small base Rochester 2GC) on 2" Offy risers. Homemade air intakes using aftemarket C5 stuff, complete Dynatech upswept dragster headers with baffles (in Florida, these baffles make this system street legal). Summers Brothers gear drive, Summers Brothers front distributor drive with the two main castings actual vintage parts from the late 60's/early 70's when they ran their "Goldenrod" on the salt flats.

 Meziere electric water pump and an environmentally friendly coolant from NPG (the lower viscosity racing version) that has a boiling point of 400 deg F. 

''The scareiest thing about this ride is that at 85mph, there's no indication of any reason to take your foot out of it.  With the 4L60e in overdrive coupled to the 2.73 rear, the cam is just starting to warm up!  This was thru an "S" curve on a four-lane divided highway and I was experiencing some understeer as the 335 gummies with the late technology limited slip were pushing on that single front tire.  2480# with 400+ horsepower makes for a great ride!''

After reading Dave's letter I was blown away by the details and the tech infos... His trike is really mean and one FUN machine ! No plastic or other junk to jinx it ! And how that army of  intake sits... I was charmed @ the first sight.

85 miles an hour without a windscreen, just glasses, the open exhaust, and whine of the gear drive pleading with me to let it do its thing - reminds me of what Burt Munro (The Fastest Indian) once said:  "You live more in five minutes flat-out on a bike like this than most people do in a lifetime."

Dave, my hat is off to you sir, great job !

UPDATE: Dave told me that it's baby is now for sale. You can contact him @ dave.enting@gmail.com

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