One  dWRENCHED fan told me about this, so I thought I would share with the rest of the class. Thank you Jani Vireeni Heikkil√§ !

''The Drysdale 990cc V8 Grand Prix Racebike will be a ground up new design - it will share no components with the Drysdale 750-V8 Superbike and will have more in common with a Formula One Grand Prix car than most road going motorcycles.
The basic rules of physics that dictate motorcycle speed have not changed since the time when the decision was made to build the famous Moto Guzzi 500-V8, in a balance of maximum engine power vs. minimum frontal area a V8 engine configuration can still not be beaten. For those a little concerned by the title of the website, these sort of rpm are nothing to be afraid of. The original Moto Guzzi V8 was doing over 13,000rpm in 1957 and the Honda 125-5 was tested at up to 24,000rpm using points and carbs in the mid 60's!''

Drysdale 990-V8  - 4 stroke :

Cylinders           8

Redline              20,600rpm 14,000rpm

Power               165kW (220hp)

Mass (no fuel)    155kg

Race Weight      175kg

Power to Weight Ratio 0.942

Fuel                    24 litres

Engine width       330mm

Engine mass        52kg

Top Speed         360kph

 ''Better power to weight - With a full fuel load at the beginning of the race the Drysdale 990-V8 will be only 13 kg heavier than the benchmark NSR 500 Honda. With a superior power to weight ratio and little more in frontal area - the 990-V8 will be faster in a straight line and should give away very little in the corners.

 Better turn-in- The single heaviest component in any modern race motor is the crankshaft - the 990ccV8 crankshaft will weigh only 4.3 kg - significantly less than the complex pressed-up roller-bearing item used in the Honda NSR 500. This represents a major reduction in the rotating mass which reduces gyroscopic forces and allows the whole motorcycle to be much easier to tip into a corner or turn generally.

 More Power- The engine revs and power stated above are quite conservative - with ongoing development it is not unreasonable to expect 22,000 rpm and 180kW (240 hp) from a short stroke 990cc V8.

We have it all worked out in our heads- now we need your help to turn it into reality!''

Photos & quotes : 22000rpm.com

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