A few days ago, I found two pictures of this bike on Facebook. Since then I tried to find out more about it. Finally, I did.

I was so amazed to find out that this dWRENCHED concept bike is ...electric powered. I never paid any attention to these motorcycles cause let's face it...electric; REALLY ?!
ZecOO is built by Znug Design .
With it's extravagant design and crazy shapes it comes as a bad-ass alternative to those vacuum cleaners errrr...electric motorcycles already out there. 

Cyril Huze via his blog slams it to the floor :

''... this Japanese creation called ZecOO announced to go soon in limited production at a price of about $70,000. Problem is that performance is not what you could expect with such a radical Superbike inspired design. Top speed is only 75 mph and you will need to charge the bike every 55 to 80 miles. Nothing to get too excited about.'''

Nonetheless, the ZecOO is one hell of a dWRENCHED concept. Huge too I might add !!!

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