Seriously now, can it get any dWRENCHED then this ?!

Found this while surfing  through the pages of Hot Rod Magazine. It really is a ''love me or hate me'' kinda deal. But I think Mike Allison, the builder, won't give a flying fuck about the reply.

He fabricated ''this entire trike at home in about four months. He bent his own tubular frame, built his own springer front forks, made handlebars out of old shotguns, and scrounged a bunch of widgets from junkyards and swap meets.

The drivetrain uses a stock Ford V8-60 and a '37 three-speed, and the rearend is an 8-inch from a Maverick. The rear fenders use portions of fenders from two different cars: The inside halves are from a '36 Oldsmobile, and the outer halves are from a '39 Chevy, grafted together for the proper shape and fitment. The sheetmetal between the rear fenders is part of the roof of a '51 Frazier, and that car also provided its A-pillars to create the bodywork over the motor, where the fuel tank would normally be on a bike (a gas tank from Speedway Motors is mounted behind the seat). The headlight is from a '38 Pontiac, the taillights are from a '39 Chevy, and the big, center-mounted brake light is a headlight housing from a '39 Buick. The brake, clutch pedals, and seat are from a Harley.
Yes, it runs and rides.''

And no, the shotguns are not functional (lol) .

''Why did I built it ? I just got stupid one day'' - Mike Allison

Photos & quote : Hot Rod Magazine.


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